January 16th, 2020 by

Car and truck headlights dim with time as they get dirty and covered in materials that are picked up along the road in the course of regular driving. That is why you need to use something to help get them clean as time goes on. How might you go about doing this? Simply by using insect repellent that you can pick up at virtually any grocery or home improvement store.

The repellent contains a chemical known as DEET that is used for cleaning surfaces like headlights just as much as it is used as an actual repellent of insects. It is important that you pick some up and use it to get those headlights cleaned so as to get the maximum amount of performance out of them.

It is so much better and safer to have clean headlights, and you will not regret doing this when you are able to see better at night when you are out driving.

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