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Road safety comes down to preparation, and roadside emergency kits can make a huge difference. Our techs at Robert Basil Buick GMC have come up exactly should be in your kit to protect you and your family.

If the battery in your vehicle were to stop working, a set of jumper cables is the only thing that’ll allow a motorist to come to your assistance.

In addition to a good quality flashlight in your kit, make sure you have plenty of fresh batteries on hand to make it through a long night in the dark.
Invest in a small first aid kit and carry it with your kit, this will give you the chance to attend to small injuries until a medical team arrives to your vehicle.

Your vehicle should already be equipped with a jack and tire iron. This means your kit must have road flares, safety triangles, cans of fix-a-flat, and possibly a small air compressor.

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